add Oi! Community Art Hackathon (2020-2021)

Oi! is an art space, an experimental laboratory, as well as a co-creation commune. Since its establishment in 2013, Oi! has organised over a hundred exhibitions and art programmes to sparkle creativity and connect lives with art.

To continue our mission to nurture local creative talents and promote art development, Oi! is currently making its extension—a new art space adjacent to the current premises is expected to be opened in 2022. More multi-disciplinary art programmes that put a focus on public participation will be launched to encourage sharing and understanding between different communities. In light of this opportunity, we set out to collaborate with Alvin Yip and Kay Chan to hold a series of creative activities to engage different groups to share their views on the future of Oi!, and to join us in the promotion of our societal well-being with creativity. add Oi! will also hold an online roundtable on 19.12.2020. Distinguished speakers will discuss on the topic ‘Future of Public Space, Imminence of Community Art'.

Preparing Oi! for its major expansion, a special Public Engagement Exercise (PE) is designed for a spectrum of stakeholders, including but not limited to Oi! visitors, participants, audience, artists, influencers, art media and critics, surrounding neighbourhood, interest groups, opinion leaders, as well as international art community. Co-creative approach and participatory art methods in generating a body of artworks for Oi! Street Art Space - as an artistic output, a documentation of the engagement processes, and an analytical reflection of stakeholders’ demand.

add Oi! Community Art Hackathon
Curatorial Partner: Alvin Yip, Kay Chan
Presented by Oi!