YES! KIDS CAN School Outreach (2018)

By adapting the five-stage practice system of Design Thinking – a methodology of creative problem-solving that includes the steps to ‘Empathize’, ‘Define’, ‘Ideate’, ‘Prototype’, and ‘Test’ – kids will learn to spot problems, generate solutions and finally actualise a design through empathetic and multi-perspective thinking. The process of trial and error to problem-solving will be enriched through teamwork and interpersonal communication.

YES! KIDS CAN 敢創校園計劃

以「設計思維」- 一個以人為本的解決問題方法論-作出發點,跨越建築、藝術及STEM 三個媒介,引發孩子的創意本能。發展學生創意思維及建立他們的創 意自信。「設計思維」的練習系統,由「Empathize 心」、「Define 釋 」、「Ideate 想」、「Prototype 做」以至「Test 試」,引導小朋友以同理心及 多角度思考出發找出問題、構想以至動手做,經歷嘗試、失敗到解決問題,並 體驗團隊溝通及合作精神。

Session 1︎Students will participate in community field trips. They will identify problems and grow empathy through discussions and data collection. Session 2︎Through mind-mapping or other multi-perspective thinking methodologies, students will begin to develop human-centric solutions to the problems discovered. Session 3︎Students will learn basic making skills, create designs and put their products to test. Session 4︎Students will adjust their designs based on test results, they will also share their creative process and the final products to the class.
第一節︎ 走進社區實地觀察,透過討論及資料搜集,發掘問題及建立同理心。 第二節︎ 利用腦圖 (mind map) 或多方思考,本着「以人為本」精神,擬定解決方案。 第三節︎ 學習基本製作技能,動手創作並進行測試。 第四節︎ 根據測試結果作調整,分享創作過程、成果與心得。
Bamboo Pavilion
#Livable City

To Kwa Wan may be an old district and full of construction sites, but there are still areas of greenery like the Ko Shan Road Park where people of all ages can enjoy! Let’s make a park furniture for elderlies and children to

Mentor & TA : Kay Chan, Niki Ng
Students : 陳芷悠, 邱栢熙, 黃銥澄, 梁雨彤, 童話, 鄭詠晞



導師及教學助理 : Kay Chan, Niki Ng
參與同學 : 陳芷悠, 邱栢熙, 黃銥澄, 梁雨彤, 童話, 鄭詠晞

Bamboo Comfy Swing
#Market Community

The markets and bazaars in Causeway Bay serve the daily needs of the neighborhood. The store keepers and shoppers meet each other everyday, but they rarely have time to slow down and social with one another. We therefore design for them a swing chair pavilion for them to chit-chat together while taking their short breaks from the hectic markets.

Mentor & TA : Kay Chan, Niki Ng Students: Abigale Sung, Lu Chun Fai Raymond, Wong Shun Hey Mac, Le Vo Minh Anh, Wong Yan Yin Thomas, Lee Tong Ming Yin Ethan



導師及教學助理 : Kay Chan, Niki Ng
參與同學 : Abigale Sung, Lu Chun Fai Raymond, Wong Shun Hey Mac, Le Vo Minh Anh, Wong Yan Yin Thomas, Lee Tong Ming Yin Ethan