Jockey Club Project Well-being (2021)

The project promotes positive education and well-being through a journey of exploration and co-creation. After introducing the concept of design thinking to the students in the first workshop, students will then join the participatory design workshop and suggest ideas for the school's place making. In such a way, school improvement and conceptualization of a theory-driven and evidenced-based model is built in a bottom-up approach. Eventually, students can vote for their ideal school area design based on their creativity.

Jockey Club Project Well-being
Presented by The Hong Kong Jockey Club


本計劃通過共同參與和共建概念的旅程,推動正向教育和幸福感。 第一個工作坊將向學生介紹設計思維的概念,然後學生將在下個工作坊進行參與式設計、為學校的場所營造提出建議,如此促進學校的改進和建構一個以理論和循證為本的模型。最終,學生可以投票選出根據他們意見設計的理想校園。