JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power | Art Walk X The Mills

“Threading Through Time” Series — Literary Walk: Fung Lam X Kay Chan (2020)

Based on a well-loved local novella The Memory of Herbs written by Chan Wai, each of the arts group will, in their own artistic form, tell the story and associated creatives of the local textile industry, livelihood of the local people and Hong Kong’s urban development as they evolved through various generations. Opening for public viewing from 10 January to 19 January 2020, the finale Art Walk will consist of a three-part interactive installation work and four performances. These programmes will be presented in the different corners of The Mills. General public are welcome to partake and explore these originally created installation works and live performances. All programmes in the Art Walk are free, however, due to overwhelming public response, reservations for best viewing spots are full. General public can enjoy the live performances and experience the installation at other locations at The Mills.

Installation Design: Kay Chan        
Music and Sound : Lam Fung
Date and time: 10-19 January 10:00 to 20:00 daily

Part 1
Location: Pak Tin Par Lane
Visitors on entering the Pak Tin Par Lane will see an array of wall murals that unveils The Mills’ past, present and future stories. As they walk, notice how the text of The Memory of Herbs emerges on the floor and the plot of the enthralling local novella unfolds.

Part 2
Location: Glass Link Bridge
Following the track of Artwork 1, visitors will discover the nostalgic corded phones installed at the glass bridge. Pause and listen to the story of The Mills in good old days through the phone installation.

Part 3 
Location: The Park
Walk up to The Park, you will explore the history of the site more vividly with the sound navigation, including the predated background machinery sound of The Mills in the early days, text reading and enchanting music.