Echo with clouds (2019)

Hong Kong is a city of mountains. In the urban setting, hills and mountains are like large reclining chairs that we can sit and rest. Every hike in the mountains is like a journey of discovery ― new destination, new direction, new path, new scenery and new self. Hills and mountains become a place for us to think about life.

Modelled on Robin's Nest, a hill near Sha Tau Kok in the New Territories, Echo with clouds is an outdoor installation developed around hills and clouds. The vibrant and lush forests of Robin's Nest support more than 600 flora and fauna species. The smooth and reflective blocks are stacked up in this art installation to mimik the Robin's Nest, and the colour of the work changes with light to reflect the transience of the clouds. The audience can lie down to enjoy the city skyline, while imagining walking by Robin's Nest under the clouds, listening to the wind and different conversations. People can open their eyes, ears and hearts sitting leisurely. Can the other sound beyond urban development be heard?

Breath of Landscape
Presented by Hong Kong Museum of Art