The 3 rd Design Twin Cities – “Design Co-CAMP”
A home for wild children (2018)

As urban development is almost inevitable, so do levelling of hills and land reclamation. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, city dwellers like us barely recall how we are nurtured by nature.

Once upon a time we were all closely connected with the wilderness. We relied and survived on nature and the resources it provided. We have lost memory of it but it is never too late to awaken.

Let’s be a wild child again.

This is a home designed for wild children. Built with bamboo, it provides shading and is windproof. You may look out from the window, or take a nap on the fallen leaves and dream.

The 3rd Design Twin Cities – “Design Co-CAMP”

Presented by Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Association (SDPA) & Hong Kong Federation of Design and Creative Industries


城市發展往往事在必行,而發展背後,移山填海也好像是理所當然的。 每日生活急速,時間飛逝,令我們忘記大自然帶給我們的,教曉我們的。

曾幾何時,我們每個人都是大自然的野孩子——聽他的、吃他的、看他的、用他的。 過去忘記了不緊要,現在醒覺也不遲。



第三屆深港設計雙城展《DESIGN Co-CAMP 設計共營》